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The H38 Map of the Land of Promise – Part V – The Internal Map Part II

Arlin Nasbaum, creator of the highly flawed and totally inaccurate H38 Virus concept, has made arrogant claims about what he calls his “internal map,” and uses the concept to ridicule other models. The first five contradictory points were listed in the previous post, along with his map. This post will cover the rest.

6. The Land of Nephi, as shown, is to the west within the Land of Zarahemla. This is contrary to the scriptural account for the land of Nephi: “was bordering even to the sea, on the east and on the west, and which was divided from the land of Zarahemla by a narrow strip of wilderness, which ran from the sea east even to the sea west, and round about on the borders of the seashore, and the borders of the wilderness which was on the north by the land of Zarahemla, through the borders of Manti, by the head of the river Sidon, running from the east towards the west -- and thus were the Lamanites and the Nephites divided” (Alma 22:27). Now this Land of Nephi “did run in a straight course from the east sea to the west” (Alma 50:8); however, Nasbaum’s “internal map” shows the Land of Nephi running from the west sea to the east, with the Land of Zarahemla east of that.

In addition, the “narrow strip of wilderness, which ran from the sea east even to the sea west,” and was an oft-mentioned physical feature of the Land of Promise, is not even shown.

7. Manti is not shown on Nasbaum’s “internal map” though it is mentioned as being in the west of the Land of Nephi, by the head of the River Sidon in the wilderness area that separates the Land of Zarahemla and the Land of Nephi (Alma 22:27)

8. No wilderness is shown to the west of the Land of Nephi, nor to the west of the Land of Zarahemla, nor is the Land of First Inheritance shown (Alma 22:28) nor is there any indication of Lamanites to the east along the seashore (Alma 22:28).

9. The Land of Ishmael was not stuck somewhere beyond the Land of Nephi, as shown, but next to the Land of Nephi, along with the Land of Middoni (Alma 20:7,14). In fact, the Land of Shilom and the Land of Shemlon, and the city of Lemuel and city of Shimnilom were very close to these three lands (Alma 23:9-12).

10. The terms “Lamanite Lands” and “South Countries” are shown on Nasbaum’s “internal map,” however, these terms are not listed as specific separate areas in the scriptural record. In the case of “the south countries,” Mormon mentioned this in regard to the final battle with the Lamanites in the Land of Cumorah in the Land Northward, that “even all my people, save it were those twenty and four who were with me, and also a few who had escaped into the south countries (Mormon 6:15). Since this took place in the Land Northward, “so far north” they were in the land of many waters, the “south countries” could have been anywhere from the Land of Desolation to the land of Nephi, but not a particular land area. However, the term “Lamanite Lands” does not appear in the Book of Mormon at all.

11. Nasbaum has along the south and east borders of his “internal map” and in a large area to the southeast, south of the Land of Npehi, south countries and Lamanite Lands, the term “Unknown.” Nowhere in scripture is there any indication of any land in the Land of Promise that is unknown.

All in all, these eleven points that are totally contradictory to the scriptural record are the result of Arlin Nasbaum’s highly toughted “internal map.” The type of map he continually ridicules of others for they do not include one thing or another, and are subject to the creator’s “own ideas are reflected in the map.” Such seems clearly the case with Nasbaum—his predetermination of lands and areas and geographical relationships are clearly struck with his own “virus” and does not reflect a true understanding of the scriptural record regarding the geography of the Book of Mormon.

Thus, using Nasbaum’s own words, “The reason to have an internal Book of Mormon geography map is to show that the modeler understands the text, and whether a bias virus has infected it.” Seems quite evident Nasbaum’s own bias virus has infected his own “internal map.”

(See the next post, “Book of Mormon Land of Promise Internal Map”)

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