Thursday, January 1, 2015

Have a Very Happy New Year

-->While we do not know when the Nephites celebrated the New Year, the Jewish Calendar actually has four different days called "New Year" somewhat like we have a New School Year, or New Fiscal Year, whose dates different from January 1.• Nissan 1 (in March) = new year for counting calendar months;
• Elul 1 (in August) = new year for tithing of animals;
• Tishri 1 (in September) = new year for years (increase year numbers—head of the year);
• Shevat 15 (in February) = new year for trees (when fruit is ripe enough to eat).
So whatever your New Year is based upon, have a great year, hopefully following us as we discuss more about the Book of Mormon and the Land of Promise.

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