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The Jaredite Chronology – Part I

There can be no exact figuring of the chronological events of the Jaredites; however, enough information is available in the ancient text to arrive at some assumptive dates. We do know, for instance, that the Jaredites left the Great Tower somewhere around 2116 B.C., approximately 227 years after the Great Flood. Using that figure as a starting date, we can speculate on the following with some degree of accuracy:
2116 - Jaredites departed from the Great Tower and Camped in the Valley to the north where they gathered wild animals, fowls, bees, etc. They built or fashioned barges, crossed many waters as they wandered in the wilderness;
2114 - Arrived and made camp at the seashore of the Great Sea, an area they named Moriancumer;
2110 - After 4 years on the seashore, they began building or fashioning barges;
2109 - Set out across the Great Deep in these barges;
2108 - Landed in the promised land. The Brother of Jared had 22 children. Considering one born about every 2.5 years, and that two-thirds of the children were born after landing, there is a span of 38 years for child-bearing, another 40 years for aging. If he was 28 when leaving Mesopotamia, this would make him about 106 years of age when he dies after about 78 years in the land of promise (however, he might have been older, based on previous Patriarchical aging);
2098 - Orihah, youngest son of Jared, born;
2055 - Orihah anointed king at the age of 43. He has 31 children and lives an “exceeding many” days, perhaps 120 years
2028 - Orihah begat Kib in his old age, probably around 70;
2003 - Kib becomes King when he is about 25, making Orihah about 95. Has a son named Corihor, when he is about 26
1976 - Corihor has a son named Noah;
1971 - Corihor rebels when 32 years old against his father, who is about 58. Corihor travels to Neho and has sons and daughters in exile. Corihor draws many to his banner until he has an Army;
1970 - Corihor attacks and captures Kib, the king, who is now about 59 years old. Kib lives in captivity until he is very old, perhaps about 90;
1963 - Kib has a son named Shule in his old age, perhaps when 65;
1938 - Shule is about 25 when he defeats Corihor, who is about 63. Shule restores Kib to the throne when Kib was about 90;
1936 - Kib grants the kingdom to Shule, who becomes king at about 27. Shule reigns, has many sons and daughters. Corihor, now 67, repents and is restored by Shule;
1926 - Corihor’s son Noah, rebels when he is about 52, Shule about 39, and Corihor (Noah’s father) about 84;
1924 - The land divided into two kingdoms, Noah, who is about 52, and Shule, who is about 39. Shule captured and taken into captivity by Noah;
1913 - Shule’s sons kill Noah, set Shule free, and restore him to his throne when he is about 50, Corhor, the son of Noah takes over the other kingdom;
1910 - Shule slays Corhor in battle when Shule is 53. Nimrod, Corhor’s son, gives up the kingdom to Shule, which reunites the Jaredite nation.Shule has many sons and daughters in his old age;
1865 - Omer reigns after his father Shule;
1853 - Jared rebels against his father when about 20 years of age, and draws many away to the land of Heth. Omer is about 45 years old;
1850 - Jared captures Omer in battle and places him in captivityOmer spends half his days in captivity;
1838 - Omer’s sons, Esrom and Coriantumr raise an army and give battle to their brother, Jared; they defeat the army and spare Jared’s life. Omer restored to the throne at about the age of 60;
1808 - Jared, at about 50, becomes sorrowful at no longer being king. His daughter suggests a plan regarding secret combinations, and a plot is hatched in which she dances before Akish, who is about 25, who is then convinced to kill Omer in exchange for her hand in marriage. Jared and Akish create and restore the secret combinations of old and plan to destroy the kingdom and kill Omer. Omer, who is around 90, is warned by the Lord and flees with his family to the area of Cumorah and the land of many waters where the Nephites would later be destroyed ;
1800 - Jared is named king when he is about 58;
1798 - The secret combination spreads throughout the kingdom. Akish kills Jared and becomes king, then imprisons one of his sons, but another son, Nimrah, is angry and gathers men to him and flees to Omer and dwells there. Akish has other sons and daughters who win the hearts of the people;
1770 - Akish’s sons start a war with their father, Akish, who is now about 75;
1765 - This war lasts many years and nearly destroys all the people of Akish’s kingdom, leaving only 30 people alive plus some who had fled to Omer’s kingdom. Omer is reinstated as king over all the land at about 100 years of age ;
1762 - Emer, Omer’s son, is made king;
1760 - Omer lives two years in total peace, then dies at about 105 years;
1703 - Emer reigns for 62 years amidst a revitalization of the kingdom in wealth and posterity. Coriantum, Emer’s son, made king at about 60, and builds many citiesHis wife dies childless at the age of 102. Coriantum marries a young maid and has many sons and daughters, living until 142 years;
1623 - Com, Coriantum’s son, becomes king and reigns for 49 years;
1574 - Heth kills Com and becomes king at about 40 years of age. People become wicked and secret combinations are revived;
1573 - A great famine occurs, many people die, including Heth, and fiery serpents enter the land and kill many animals, chasing them southward. Some animals escape death by crossing into the Land Southward—people kept from chasing after them;
1540 - The famine finally ends, rain falls and fruit is available in the north countries;
1537 - Shez, Heth’s son, and the only one of Heth’s household not killed in the famine, becomes king at about the age of 35, and works to rebuild the kingdom. Peace and righteousness reign;
1527 - Shez’ son, also called Shez, rebels against his father, but is killed by a robber. Shez lives to an exceeding old age, and builds many cities and the people again spread over the land;
1408 - Shez dies around the age of 120;
1407 Shez’ son Riplakish becomes king. He taxes the people heavily and imprisons them for non-payment;
(See the next post,” The Jaredite Chronology – Part II, for the last half of this assumptive chronology of the Jaredites)

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  1. Did the Jaredites leave the tower of Babel around 227 years after the flood? In our present Bible Arphaxad is born 2 years after the flood. His son Salah is born 35 years later, and his son Eber is born 30 years later and his son Peleg is born 34 years later, and his son Reu is born 30 years later.

    The Mormon understanding is that Ophir, a nephew of Peleg, and cousin of Reu is the Brother of Jared.

    But Reu is born as I show above 131 years after the flood, and around 31 years after the tower of Babel.