Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Answers from the Book of Mormon – Part III

In addition to the fifty scriptural references used in the previous two posts, we also need to consider how the Lehi Colony reached the Western Hemisphere. Obviously, we know they came by boat, and there are sufficient clues in Nephi’s writings to illustrate what kind of ship it was, how big it was, and it how it sailed (propulsion force), and where it disembarked. In knowing these most important aspects of the journey, which Nephi points out in many ways, we can know for a surety on what currents, and with what winds, their ship was propelled. And in knowing this, where the ship went and where it landed.

First of all, we need to consider:

• What was the size of Nephi's ship?
• What was the appearance of Nephi's ship?
• How long did it take to construct Nephi's ship?
• How was Nephi's ship built?
• How many people set sail on Nephi's ship?
• Where was Nephi's ship built?
• Into what ocean or sea did Nephi launch his ship?
• In what direction did the ship travel and why?
• What ocean(s) did Nephi's ship cross?
• What are the ocean currents like along the route Lehi took?
• What caused the great storm that turned Nephi's ship back?
• Where is such a constant counter-current found?
• How important are winds and sea currents to a weather-driven ship?
• Where exactly was the landing site of the Lehi Colony and how do we know that?
• What did the Lehi Colony find after first landing?

In addition, Nephi and others, as well as a knowledge of 600 B.C. Jewish custom, helps us identify other aspects of Nephite life and, therefore, what to look for when we start talking about a geographical model for the Land of Promise. As an example, where do we find:

• Irrigation as an important development in the new land?
• Circumcision practiced by the House of Israel in the Land of Promise?
• Advanced medical knowledge among the Chosen People in the Land of Promise?
• Extensive Roads built and meant for foot traffic rather than wheels?
• Skeletal remains of great battles in a matching location to scripture?

The point of all this in these three posts is to show that if one is to determine a site or model for the Land of Promise, one must show how that location matches ALL the scriptural indicters—-how the scriptural references are found and explained within the model. To-date, only the island of Andean South America, as it appeared between 600 B.C. and 400 A.D. can match EVERY one of these 69 points listed in this three posts.

For verification of this, and answers to all these questions and how they match a Land of Promise model, see the book: “Lehi Never Saw Mesoamerica.”

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