Thursday, November 28, 2013

And a Very Happy Thanksgiving to One and All

While Thanksgiving Day is an American tradition here in the U.S., being thankful is universal. Certainly we can all be thankful at this time of year (and all others) for our bounty of which the Lord has blessed us, and of which we share in daily wherever we might reside.
    Thanksgiving is just a particular time of the year when our minds are drawn toward our blessings and all that we have been given by a kind and loving Father. Indeed, it is certainly with a thankful heart that we are grateful for all we have been given, and on this website in particular, for the Book of Mormon and the clear and precise writing of Mormon who left us a record of a people who lived and passed from view long before recorded history--yet, thoughtfully, the Lord had their record preserved, brought forward, and translated for our benefit to know more of His dealings with man.
    May you have an enjoyable day with family and friends, recounting all the blessings and great things that have taken place in your lives, and may the Lord continue to bless you in all your righteous dealings.

(Our posts will resume tomorrow)

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